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Raffaele Carelli (25 September 1795 in Martina Franca[1] - 1864 in Naples, Italy) [2] was an Italian painter and painter of the School of Posillipo.

Isola del Liri, Cascata del Valcatoio

Raffaele’s father, Settimio Carelli, was a painter in Apulia, where he had been a follower of the style of Pompeo Battoni.[3] Raffaele as a young man sought employment in Naples, and initially worked with a painting restorer, but sooned worked in the studio with Wilhelm Jakob Huber.[4] In 1833, he won a prize for landscape art from the Neapolitan Academy for two vistas of Cascade of Fibreno and the Scoglio di Frisa.[5] He was best known for his landscape paintings, sometimes commingling with genre scenes. As a documentary painter, completing water colors of various sights, he accompanied the 6th Duke of Devonshire in some tours of Sicily, Greece, Asia Minor, and Constantinople.[6] He was the father of the painters Consalvo (Gonsalvo) and Gabriele Carelli. He is the grandfather of the painters Giuseppe Carelli (1858 - 1921), son of Conzalvo, and Conrad Hector Raffaele Carelli (1866-1956), son of Gabriele.


Lord Napier cites Monopoli near Bari, Italy as his natal town.
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