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Pietro Malombra

Samson and Delilah

The Doge and Senators in the Sala del Collegio, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

Pietro Malombra Drawing - The Finding Of The True Cross by Pietro Malombra

The Finding Of The True Cross

Pietro Malombra (Cremona, 1556 – 1618, Venice) was an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance, active in his adoptive city of Venice.

He was an educated man who became chancellor of the republic. He befriended and learned painting from Giuseppe Porta. He often represented events of state, but also decorated government offices and churches in Venice and Padua. He was also a poet.[1]

Ticozzi describes him as pupil of Giuseppe Salviati. He was born to a wealthy family, and initially patinted for joy, but soon became impoverished, and had to paint for sustenance. He painted a number of canvases for the church of San Francesco di Paola in the sestiere of Castello in Venice. He is known for painting civic functions of the councils of Venice.

His son, Giuseppe Malombra, was also a painter.[2]


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