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Pietro di Bagnara or Pietro Bagnara Bacchi (Imola, 16th century) was an Italian monk and painter.

7373 - Milano - S. Maria della Passione - Pietro Bacchi da Bagnara, Andata al Calvario (1579) - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 26-Feb-2008

Santa Maria della Passione church in Milan, Italy. Left side nave - 06 - Chapel of the Assumption of Mary. Pietro Bacchi da Bagnara, Calvaire (1579). Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto, February 26 2008.

He is styled as a follower of Raphael, mainly by virtue of his use of colors. He was a member of the Augustinian order of Canons Regular of the Lateran. He lived in the monastery attached to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Porto of Ravenna, where circa 1550 he painted a St. Sebastian, and a St Lawrence altarpiece for a chapel, a large canvas of the multiplication of the bread in the refectory and beautiful arabesques with a crucifixion in the ceiling of said refectory. In 1537 at Verdace for the church of San Giovanni, he painted a Madonna with Saints Augustine and John the Baptist. The background has a landscape and holy conversation. In 1579, for the Church of Santa Maria della Passione in Milan, he painted a Jesus on the road to Calvary (Andata al Calvario). The Museum of Padua has two canvases, originally found in the church of San Giovanni di Verdara, painted by Bagnara: Visitation (1537) and a Madonna. He signed his work with Orate Deum pro anima huyus pictoris. [1] [2]


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