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Pietro Carattoli (1703 in Perugia – after 1762) was an Italian painter of quadratura. He also made some smale scale architectural designs, such as the portal of the Cathedral of Perugia.

He was active in Perugia, where he painted for the chapel of sacrament in church of San Pietro, for the Palazzo Donini,[1] and Palazzo Antinori[2][3]


Now housing the Regional Council of Umbria. Other artists working contemporaneously in the palace include Francesco Appiani, Anton Maria Garbi, Giuseppe Brizi, and Giacinto Boccanera.
now Palazzo Gallenga Stuart and used for the University for Foreigners in Perugia.
Lupattelli, Angelo (1895). Storia della pittura in Perugia e delle arti: ad essa affini dal Resorgimento sino ai Giorni Nostri. Reale Stab. F. Campitelli. p. 78.

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