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Pierre Parrocel

Parrocel Drawing - A Seated Woman by Pierre Parrocel

A Seated Woman

Pierre Parrocel (1664–1739) was a French painter of the late-Baroque period.

He was born in Avignon to a large family of artists, including his uncle Joseph Parrocel and his father, Louis Parrocel. He was first instructed by his uncle, and then trained with Carlo Maratti in Rome, and in 1730 became a member of the Accademia di San Luca there. His principal work, as a painter, was in the gallery of the Hôtel de Noailles at St. Germain-en-Laye, where he represented the history of Tobit in thirteen pictures. He also painted a Coronation of the Virgin' in the church of St. Mary at Marseilles, He also etched and engraved in a style analogous to that of A. Rivalz ; but he was not equally successful with the graver. Of the fourteen etchings left by him, The Triumph of Aphrodite is perhaps the most noteworthy.

Public Collections
Works preserved in churches
Apotheosis of St. Teresa, Carmelites of Arles

    Arles, Saint-Césaire Church: The Annunciation
    Arles, Saint-Julien church:
        Choir of the Angels
        Taking charge of Mary
    Arles, Church of Charity, former Convent of the Carmelites: Apotheosis of Saint Teresa
    Avignon, chapel of the Black Penitents:
        Saint Sebastian and Saint Roch with the Virgin
        The Ascension
        The Holy Family10
        Miracle of Saint Anthony of Padua
    Avignon, Chapelle des Pénitents gray:
        The Martyrdom of Saint Giniès,
        Saint Hyacinthe
        Saint Véran
        Saint Roch
        Sainte Claire11
    Avignon, chapel of Penitents Blancs:
        The holy women at the grave12
        The Miraculous Fishing, The Ascension, and The Resurrection13
    Saint-Pierre Basilica of Avignon:
        St. Anthony,
        St. Anthony preaching to the Gentiles,
        Death of St. Anthony,
        Saint Anthony and the child Jesus,
    Collegiate Church of Saint-Agricol of Avignon:
        The preaching of Christ the Savior,
        The institution of the Eucharist
    Collegiate Church of Saint-Didier d'Avignon: Adoration of the Magi
    Cathedral of Our Lady of the Doms of Avignon:
        Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Assumption16
        The Annunciation, Saint Ruf bishop of Avignon and Saint Bruno in the desert, in the sacristy17
    Beaucaire, Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame-des-Pommiers:
        Saint Marc18
        Four pictures depicting an archangel chasing the demon, two scenes from the martyrdom of St. Ursula (?), Baptism scene19
    Church of Saint-Paul de Beaucaire: Martyrdom of Saint Ursule20
    Carpentras, Saint-Siffrein cathedral:
        Saint Francis de Sales shows the Virgin kneeling in a fiery heart
        The Holy Family with an angel who hands him a bunch of grapes to the child Jesus
        Mary on a cloud and the Holy Spirit
    Carpentras [Where?]: The Massacre of the Innocents
    Carpentras [Where?]: The Plague at the time of the Philistines
    Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Véran Cathedral of Cavaillon:
        The vision of César de Bus21
    Graveson, Church of the Nativity-of-Mary: Annunciation 22
    Notre-Dame-des-Anges Collegiate Church of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue:
        The Nativity23
        Saint Madeleine24
    Marseille, Saint-Cannat Church: The Baptism of Christ25
    Moulins, Notre-Dame-de-l'Annonciation cathedral: Saint Joseph adoring the child Jesus or Adoration of the shepherds26
    Nîmes, Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor Cathedral: The Dream of Joseph27
    Nîmes, Church of Saint Paul: Immaculate Conception
    Nîmes, Maison Carrée: Immaculate Conception
    Rognonas, Saint Peter's Church: Annunciation
    Tarascon, royal collegiate church of Sainte Marthe:
        Saint Cunégonde and Saint Cecilia28
        Saint Mary the Egyptian29
        Christ on the Cross
        Saint Catherine of Siena31
        Saint Thomas d'Aquin31
        Adoration of the Magi
        Adoration of the Shepherds33
        The Annonciation34
        Our Lady of the People35
    Church of Saint-Louis of Villeneuve-de-Berg
        The death of Saint Louis

Works in museums
Avignon, museum Calvet:

    The Resurrection of Christ
    Saint Francis of Assisi
    Mary with the Child Jesus in her arms
    Drawings with black stone: Jesus calming the tempest, 38 Erection of the cross39, descent of the cross40, Saint Peter rising Tabitha41

Carpentras, Comtadin-Duplessis Museum:

    Cardinal Lorenzo Corsini, future Clement XII
    La Conception (a work attributed to Pierre Parrocel)

Grenoble, Art Museum

    The Death of Saint Anthony Abbot42, this picture stems from a revolutionary seizure43

Le Mans, museum of Tessé:

    Allegory of the Union of the Church and France 172644

Museum of Fine Arts of Marseille:

    The Coronation of the Virgin by the Child Jesus, 171945
    History of Tobias's life: Death of old Tobias46, First night of the wedding, 47 The Judaic Faith, 48 Arrival at Raguel, 49 Arrival at the paternal house of the young Tobias and his wife, 50 Adieu de Tobie to his father-in-law. These paintings, numbering sixteen, had been commissioned by the Due de Noailles. A part had been executed at Avignon, the other at the Duke's house in St-Germain-en-Laye.52 Etienne Parrocel in his book The Annals of Painting recounts the circumstances in which the acquisition of these paintings was made by the merchant Louis-Joseph Denis Borély who exhibited them in his castle where is now the Museum of Decorative Arts, Earthenware and Fashion in Marseille. Louis XV hunting in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye is hosted by the Duke of Noailles. The King did not appreciate these works, and said to his host: "Do you know, Monsieur le Duc, that you have very unpleasant pictures here? "53. In a zealous courtier the collector puts his paintings on sale after ordering Boucher a more amiable series. Louis-Joseph Denis Borély, passing through Paris, bought it in 1770 for the price of 12,000 livres, which had cost the Duke de Noailles 30,000.

Versailles, national museum of the castles of Versailles and Trianon:

    Louis Bautru, known as the Chevalier de Nogent, oil on canvas, 1st quarter 18th century54


     Engraved by himself:
         Bacchante and two children, Nancy musée des Beaux-Arts55
         The angel announces to Zachary the birth of Saint John, Nancy Museum of Fine Arts56
         La Charité, Nancy Museum of Fine Arts57
         The Old Italian, Nancy Museum of Fine Arts58
         Children heating, Nancy Museum of Fine Arts59
         The Mendiants, Rennes Musée des Beaux-Arts60

     The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne, engraved by Pierre Subleyras
     The Triumph of Amphitrite, engraving
     The Beef, engraving
     Sainte Claire, engraved by Louis Desplaces, in 172961


Bryan, Michael (1889). Walter Armstrong & Robert Edmund Graves, ed. Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, Biographical and Critical (Volume II L-Z). York St. #4, Covent Garden, London; Original from Fogg Library, Digitized May 18, 2007: George Bell and Sons. p. 256.

Parrocel, Barthelemy
Parrocel, Charles
Parrocel, Etienne
Parrocel, Georges
Parrocel, Jacques-Ignace
Parrocel, Jean Barthelemy
Parrocel, Joseph
Parrocel, Joseph-François
Parrocel, Joseph-Ignace
Parrocel, Louis
Parrocel, Pierre

Artist, France


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