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Pierre-Jacques Cazes

 Painting - Mercury Entrusting Bacchus To The Nymphs Of Mount Nysa by Pierre-Jacques Cazes

Mercury Entrusting Bacchus To The Nymphs Of Mount Nysa

 Painting - Venus And Mercury by Pierre-Jacques Cazes

Venus And Mercury

 Painting - The Rape Of Europa by Pierre-Jacques Cazes

The Rape Of Europa

Pierre-Jacques Cazes (1676 – 25 June 1754) was a French historical painter. He is also known as a teacher of artists, including Chardin.

Cazes took the Prix de Rome for painting in 1699. In 1703, he became part of the Académie, was named as director in 1743 and chancellor in 1746.

"The Swing" — by Pierre-Jacques Cazes, 1732.

He worked in the Galerie d'Apollon in the Louvre in 1727 and produced a large number of religious paintings for churches in Paris and Versailles.

His historical painting is in the same academic tradition as the French painters Charles Le Brun and Charles de Lafosse. He also painted paintings with mythological motifs and genre scenes.

A portrait the artist wearing a wig and holding a portfolio was presented to the Académie Royale in 1734 by Chardin's friend Joseph Aved.

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