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Pierre Charles Baquoy (July 27, 1759 – February 4, 1829) was a French painter and engraver, known for depictions of famous historical characters.

Toussaint Louverture par Pierre-Charles Baquoy

Toussaint Louverture lors de son arrivée à Brest en 1802, gravure de Pierre-Charles Baquoy

Baquoy was born and died in Paris. In his time he was considered an eminent artist-engraver and among other things was a professor of drawing and an employee of the Musee Royal.

He was the illustrator of the Kehl edition of Voltaire[1] and also produced some of the engravings for the 1788-1793 Complete Works of Rousseau (Émile and Theátre et Poesies) [3] .

He was also one of the painters depicting contemporary society in Paris for early fashion magazines such as the Journal des Dames et des Modes[2] and "La Mesangere" (published between 1797 and 1839).

His drawings of this kind, like those of others such as the La Mesangere editor Pierre Antoine Leboux de la Mesangere, Paul Gavarni, Antoine Charles Horace Vernet and Louis-Marie Lanté are considered an essential resource for the study of the fashion and society of the time.


Baquoy's career is mentioned by Dr. David Charlton, 'A maitre d'orchestre . . . Conducts': New and Old Evidence on French Practice' in Early Music, Vol. 21, No. 3, French Baroque II (Aug., 1993), [1]

Heather Belnap Jensen, The Journal des Dames et des Modes: Fashioning Women in the Arts, c. 1800-1815[2]

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Caesarea (Straton’s Tower), view of Caius Caesar's Cenotaph. In the front, tents of a caravan. Between the foothills and the mountains in the back, galloping horsemen. 1799.
Frederic et Voltaire, circa 1796 - 1798
Pierre Charles Baquoy, Napoleon at St. Helen
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1787 Illustration for Chapter 19 of Voltaire's Candide in "Os anos que salvaram a reputação de Voltaire" (Portuguese-language article)
Microfilm collection of "La Mesangere". University of Maryland Libraries. Archived from the original on 23 June 2012. Retrieved 5 September 2013.

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