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Peter Haas


Berlin Cathedral (detail)

Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt

Peter Haas (April 12, 1754 – 1804) was a German-Danish engraver.

Born and initially working in Copenhagen, two of his brothers Georg and Meno, and his father Jonas all were engravers. Haas engraved a number plates documenting Carsten Niebuhr's travels in Arabia and idealizing and moralistic genre art of Daniel Chodowiecki and related works of Erik Pauelsen. Haas had, however, particularly for economic reasons, undertook to carry out ordering graphics such as business cards, embroidery patterns and almanacs. He selected in 1786 to follow his brother Meno to Berlin, where he continued his diverse business, including portrait miniatures, a series Berlin Prospectuses, and a series of scenes from Frederick the Great's life. In Berlin he also came to meet Chodowiecki, and became a member of the academies of Paris and Copenhagen. He is represented in the Royal Collection.


Haas, Peter, Frederik Washer, Danish biographical encyclopaedia (1st edition, 1892)

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