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Haman begging Esther for mercy. Pieter Pietersz. Lastman
circa 1618
oil on panel
52 × 78 cm (20.5 × 30.7 in)
National Museum in Warsaw (NMW)
not on view
Accession number M.Ob.558 (158661)
Object history 1941: acquired by National Museum in Warsaw (NMW) from Wilanów Palace, Warsaw
Inscriptions Signature and date top center: P.Lastman fecit.A 161[.]
Notes Dated (and signed) u.c. 161(?), last digit illegible. The illegible digit in the date should be interpreted as 1618 or 1619. From the collection of John III Sobieski. The carved beaker on the table is a copy of a silver beaker by Adam van Vianen of 1614, today in the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
References ed. Hanna Benesz (1988). Europäische Malerei des Barock: aus dem Nationalmuseum in Warschau. Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, p. 25

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Famous Artists - Haman begging Esther for mercy by Pieter Lastman

Haman begging...

Pieter Lastman

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