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Portrait of Mrs. Richard Yates. Gilbert Stuart

1793 canvas, 77 × 64 cm
Washington (D. C.), National Gallery of Art


Porträt der Mrs Richard Yates. Gilbert Stuart

1793, Leinwand, 77 × 64 cm
Washington (D.C.), National Gallery of Art


, Ουάσινγκτον (Περιφέρεια της Κολούμπια),


Gilbert Stuart Painting - Catherine Brass Yates by Gilbert Stuart

Catherine Brass Yates

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Catherine Brass Yates is an oil on canvas painting undertaken in 1793–94 by the American artist Gilbert Stuart.[1]


The painting shows Catherine Brass Yates, the wife of Richard Yates, a New York merchant;[2] it was painted in oil on canvas in 1793–94.[1] Stuart painted a portrait of Richard in the same period.[3] Timothy Cahill, the editor of Art Conservator magazine considers that the Portrait of Mrs Richard Yates is "regarded as among the finest American portraits ever made".[4]

The painting was acquired in 1940 by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.[5] The gallery consider that Stuart's painting is "one of his most compelling and unified efforts at conveying character",[2] and "one of America's most famous paintings, both as an artistic masterpiece and as a visual symbol of the early republic's rectitude".[1]


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