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Orazio Talami (1624–September 15, 1705) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Bologna and Reggio Emilia.


Talami was born and died in Reggio Emilia. He was a pupil of the painter Pietro Desani. He may have also spent some years of his youth working with Leonello Spada. He painted a for the presbytery of the Cathedral at Reggio; he painted Cathedra of St Peter for the church of San Prospero in Reggio, a St Francis Xavier and the Redemption of the Blessed Slaves for San Giacomo; a St Phillip Benizzi for the Basilica della Ghiara; a St Joseph for the church of San Giorgio; a St Michele for the church of San Bartolommeo; a St Contardo for the church of San Nazzaro; a St Peter in Chains for the church of San Agostino; and Three Magi for San Filippo Neri in Reggio. He ceased to paint after 1699.[1]

The painters Jacopo Baccarini[2] and Mattia Benedetti were among his pupils.


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