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Onorato Carlandi (1848 – 1939) was an Italian painter, mainly of watercolors of Rome, the surrounding countryside and of Great Britain.


He began his career painting patriotic subjects such as La barca dei fratelli Cairoli (1869 -1870) and the Ritorno da Mentana (1872), but drifete into painting landscapes. In 1875, he was one of the founders of the Società degli Acquarellisti in Italy, along with Roesler Franz, Pio Joris, and Cesare Biseo.

He traveled in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales painting the countryside between 1880 and 1891. This trip produced works such as:

Fienile a Wingfield (1890s)
Campi di fieno - Campsea Ash (1880-1890)
Window of an old Abbey (1880-1890)
Village of Bosham (1898)
Port of Holyhead (1907),
Rustic landscapes (Montagne, 1907),
Wingfield Manor (l890s)

After his travels in Britain, and study of British watercolorists such as Peter de Wint ( 1784 – 1849), in 1891 he returned to Italy. In 1904, he collaborated with Augusto Bompiani, E. Ferrari, and Alessandro Battaglia in illustrating an album donated to the visiting president of France, Loubet. He was that year also one of the founders of the gruppo dei XXV della Campagna Romana, painters of the countryside including Enrico Coleman, Giulio Aristide Sartorio, Napoleone Parisani, and Vittorio Grassi. He painted subjects including vedute of Rome of the Agro Pontino and recalled landscapes from Britain. Among his works are:[1]

Rovine di Roma, (1920-1930)
Arco di Settimio Severo e Colonna di Foca, (1920-1930)
Foro Romano, (1900-1910)
Fiori nella campagna romana,(1920-1930)
Il Tevere in piena, (1880-1890)
Villa Adriana, (1928-1930)


Press release March 3, 2011 for exhibition Acquerelli di Onorato Carlandi at the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi in 2011. Poesia della natura. Acquerelli di Onorato Carlandi by Catalano Maria; Tittoni M. Eisa; Virno Cinzia. 2011, Editor Gangemi..

Artist, Italy


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