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Niels Simonsen


The Port of Algiers with the Jamaa Al-Jdid and Jemaa Kebir Mosques Print by Niels Simonsen

The Port of Algiers with the Jamaa Al-Jdid and Jemaa Kebir Mosques

Sea Fight Print by Niels Simonsen

Sea Fight

The Battle of Fredericia on July 6, 1849 Print by Niels Simonsen

The Battle of Fredericia on July 6, 1849

Niels Simonsen

Battle of Mysunde September 12, 1850

Niels Simonsen

Naval battle

Niels Simonsen

Portrait of a young Italian woman

Niels Simonsen

Episode of the Battle of Schleswig April 23, 1848. Ritmester Würtzens dragoons recaptures two Danish guns.

Niels Simonsen

Hunters in advance

Niels Simonsen

Kirsten Svendsdatter Finds The Gold Horn

Niels Simonsen

A Meeting Of Generals

Niels Simonsen

Arabs In A Hilltop Fort

The Last Stand

Niels Simonsen

Arab Pirates Attack

Niels Simonsen (born December 10, 1807 in Copenhagen; † 11 December 1885 in Frederiksberg, Zealand) was a Danish painter and sculptor.

With 16 years Simonsen he went 1823 to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He first studied painting and later moved there to sculpture. In 1827 he was a student in the studio of Johan Ludvig Lund (1777-1867). Funded by Lund Simonsen could soon debut on some exhibitions as a sculptor.He soon devoted himself solely to painting.

Simonsen went 1833 to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. From there he made several study tours to the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. In 1839 he traveled to the Mediterranean and Algeria and from all his travels he brought back many sketches and impressions, which in his studio formed the basis of many oil paintings.

Simonsen left Munich 1845 and went back to Denmark forever. In addition to his work in his own studio he worked for many years as a professor at the School of Art in Stockholm.

Simonsen died one day after his 78th birthday on 11 December 1885 in Frederiksberg where he found his last resting place.


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