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Nicolas Lagneau


Portrait of an old woman

Portrait of a man

Angel seen from the waist up, three-quarters to the right

Angel seen from the waist up, three quarters left

Archimedes, holding a compass, profile left

Aristotle, profile left

Briçonnet, brother of President Briçonnet

Old woman, face, wearing a attifet

Old woman, face, wearing a black cape

Woman, wearing a chaperone with long edges , three quarters left

Woman (?) Profile to the left, hands folded on her stomach, eyes half closed, the head turbaned

Elderly woman, wearing a black hood with brown lining matched her coat, three-quarter view to the left

Elderly woman, wearing a white cap, holding a cane in her right hand, right side view

Woman in pink blouse, wearing a white cap, three-quarters to the left, looking up to the sky

Dwarf woman, looking to the right

Hippocrates, front view

Man with bald head, looking up at the sky wearing a red cloak lined with ermine fur on a blue garment, seen from three quarters to the right

Grotesque man wearing a turban, profile left

Plato, front view, slightly raised head, eyes raised to heaven

Religious capped, face almost seen

Socrates, front view

Socrates, seen three quarters to the right

Old man, wearing a cap, looking to the right

Old woman sitting at a table, holding a purse in her left hand and a a pair of eyeglasses with a nose clip in her left right hand, three-quarter view to the right

Old woman sitting holding a brush in her right hand, three-quarter view to the right

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Socrates Three Quarters To The Right Print by Nicolas Lagneau

Socrates Three Quarters To The Right

Nicolas Lagneau

Nicolas Lagneau (fl c. 1600–50)[1] was a French draftsman noted for his portrait drawings. He was especially interested in grotesque physiognomies, which he drew in meticulous detail either from models or from his imagination.[1] His drawings are usually executed in black and red chalk, sometimes with the addition of blue or yellow gouache.[1] In their heightened realism, and their emphasis on facial expressions, wrinkles, and deformities, Lagneau's portraits reveal the influence of Rembrandt's early works.[1]

Lagneau is not known to have painted. His drawings, which were widely copied and imitated in his time, are plentiful in French and US museums.




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