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Nelie Jacquemart

Portrait of a Young Hunter Print by Nelie Barbe Hyacinthe Jacquemart

Portrait of a Young Hunter

Nélie Jacquemart-André, née Cornélia Barbe Hyacinthe Jacquemart (25 July 1841, Paris – 14 May 1912, Paris) was a French painter, collector and art patron.

Jacquemart started her career as a student of Léon Cogniet and the École des Beaux-Arts.[1] She became best known for her portraits of famous personalities.[2]

In 1872 she met banker Édouard André at a portrait session, whom she eventually married in 1881.

In 1912 she left both the Musée Jacquemart-André and Chaalis Abbey to the Institut de France.

Jean-Pierre Babelon of the École Nationale des Chartres called her a great collector and great patron of the arts.[3] In her 1879 book Studying Art Abroad, May Alcott Nieriker lists Jacquemart with Rosa Bonheur, Louise Abbema, and Sara Bernhardt as distinguished artists.[4]

Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris


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