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Museo Quinones de Leon

Drunkenness of Silenus, Daniel Vertangen

The municipal museum of Vigo "Quiñones de León" (officially and in Galician City Museum "Quiñones de León", known as Quiñones de León Museum is a museum of Vigo. It contains one of the finest permanent collections of Galician painting and an interesting section of archeology. It is located in the palace of Castrelos, one of the most architecturally outstanding palaces Galicia building whose origin is the former palace of Hilton, built in 1670, years after the founding of Captain John Tavares in 1665. It is surrounded by gardens of French and English influences. The museum opened on 22 July 1937.

Downstairs preserved the atmosphere of the former residence of the Marquis donors palace furnishings and period decor and the permanent exhibition of European paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries bequeathed by Policarpo Sanz

It has some relevant pieces of painting classic Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish and French of the XV-XIX legacy of Policarpo Sanz.

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Zeichnungen, Gemälde

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