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Milne Ramsey

Milne Ramsey Painting - Flowers On A Table by Milne Ramsey

Flowers On A Table

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Featured Art - Flowers on a Table by Milne Ramsey

Flowers on a Table

Milne Ramsey

Milne Ramsey (1847–1915) was an American artist who painted still lifes, landscapes and nautical scenes. Ramsey studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and under Léon Bonnat in Paris. His artwork was exhibited during his lifetime at the Paris Salon and the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. Ramsey spent the high point of his career in France but returned to Philadelphia during the last years of his life.


MIR Appraisal Services. http://www.mirgallery.com/resources/index.aspx?category=artists&id=ramsey1

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Work can be viewed here: http://www.chicagoartappraisers.com/invramsey1.html

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