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Michael Ostendorfer


Lamentation of Christ

Bohemian Herold

German Herold

Treatment of the Plague by venesection

Draft tabernacle

Virgin and Child

Hunting in the Forest Lörser, General View

Hunting in the Forest Lörser, detail panel 1

Hunting in the Forest Lörser, detail panel 2

Hunting in the Forest Lörser, detail panel 3

New Church of beautiful Mary in Regensburg

Pilgrimage to the Church of the beautiful Maria in Regensburg

Portrait of Isabella of Austria

Portrait of the Countess Palatine Dorothea

Portrait of Hans Sachs at the age of 5 years

Portrait of Emperor Charles V

Portrait of King Ferdinand of Bohemia

Portrait of King Henry I of France

Portrait of Count Georg von Leuchtenberg

Portrait of the Count Palatine Ludwig, Duke and Elector of Lower and Upper Bavaria

Portrait of the Count Palatine Wolfgang

Portrait of Sultan Suleyman


Family tree of the Sultan Soliman

Michael Ostendorfer (Michael East Dorffer; * 1490 or 1494 Hemau or Ostendorf or Osterdorf in Swabia, † in early December 1559 in Regensburg) was a German painter and draftsman.

Ostendorfer was probably from Swabia. Stylistically, his works are in the influence of the Danube school, since he probably worked at Albrecht Altdorfer. At the court of Elector Friedrich II. In Neumarkt, he was employed as court painter. His paintings can be found today in Prague, Budapest, London and Munich. He is the creator of the Reformation altar in the Regensburg Neupfarrkirche.

According to him, the Ostendorfer High School is named in Neumarkt.

Artist, Germany


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