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Master of St. Severin


Passion series, scene: Christ on the Mount of Olives


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The Master of St. Severin was an Gothic painter working in Cologne the Middle Ages to about 1520 . Because his real name is unknown, it is named after a cycle of 20 pictures with scenes from the legend of Severin which today is located in Cologne's Severin Church.

With the Master of the Aachen altar and the Master of the (Cologne) Ursula legend he is a representative of the late period of the Cologne Gothic and stands at the threshold of the new painting. He was one of the last major representative of the late medieval painter who held the region until the second decade of the 16th century to the late Gothic traditions of the so-called Cologne school of painting.

Works (selection)

cycle from the 20 pictures with scenes from the legend Severin. Cologne, St. Severin The Saint Agatha and Cyprian and the Saints Stephen and Helena, altar wing of an old triptych. Cologne, St. Severin Passion series: Christ on the Mount of Olives. Munich, Alte Pinakothek Adoration of the Magi. Cologne, Wallraf-Richartz Museum WRM 184 altarpiece of the Confraternity of the Rosary (also Madonna with the mantle). Cologne, St. Andreas


Harald Brockmann: The late period of the Cologne school of painting. The Master of St. Severin and the master of Ursulalegende. Research on the art history of Western Europe, Volume VI. Kurt Schroeder, 1924 Frank Günter Zehnder: Gothic painting in Cologne, Altkölner images from 1300 to 1550, 2nd edition 1993


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