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Master of Delft


Christ presented to the People - Left Hand Panel

The Crucifixion - Central Panel

The Deposition - Right Hand Panel

Triptych - Scenes from the Passion of Christ


Master of Delft (fl c. – 1490–1520) was a Dutch painter.
He may have been born in 1470. His style can be compared to the Master of the Virgo inter Virgines, who was believed ot have been active in Delft. The Master of Delft can be connected to Delft by the inclusion of the Nieuwe Kerk tower, which was compledted in 1496, in the background of his early Crucifixion triptych. He can also be connected with Delft by a pair of altarpiece wings painted in the Master's workshop circa 1510, which had the arms and portraits of the Mayor of Delft, Dirk van Beest, and his family.


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