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Marx Anton Hannas


Adoration of the Virgin

Noah's Ark

Lamentation of Christ

Ascension of Christ

Christ on the cross surrounded by two angels

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

The Sacred Heart of Christ

The coat of arms of death

The departure of the prodigal son

The Tree of farm laborers

The Tree of peasant maids

The fountain of Christ

The suffering Christ

The Tower of Babel

The Adoration of the Magi

The Resurrection of Christ with seven soldiers

The pious maid

The Holy Trinity surrounded by saints in the clouds

The execution of King Charles I of England

The sufferer Virgin and St. John

The low ride of the Holy Spirit

The Creation of Adam and Eve

The Ten Ages of Man

Ecce Homo

Esther before Ahasuerus

Friendly postman announces the end of the 30 - year war

Entombment of Christ

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Barbara , fragment

St. Benno , Bishop of Meissen in front of the cityscape of Munich

Jonah and the whale

Clothes donation for the poor

Martyrdom of St. Ernestus

Mater Dolorosa

Noah is instructed to build the ark

Seated Man of Sorrows

Scenes from the Life of St. Francis of Assisi

Rejuvenation Mill for Women

Taper mill for Men

Marx Anton Hannas (also Marc Anton Hannas; † 1676 ) was a German "wood cutter, engraver, letter painter and publisher." He worked in Augsburg, and began his apprenticeship in 1610 with George Kress .

Artist, Germany


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