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Malmö Art Museum

The Bath, Boris Kustodiev

The Bay, Carl Wilhelmson

Malmö Art Museum, Malmö Konstmuseum
Founded in 1841, the Malmö Art Museum is one of the leading art museums in Scandinavia. The museum building, built in 1937, is located in the Malmö Castle complex in Malmö, Scania, in southern Sweden. The Museum is governed by the City of Malmö.

The collections

The museum houses a major collections of Nordic modern and contemporary art, now containing about 40,000 works, covering the period from the 16th century to the present day.

The museum hosts several important collections and historical donations, including the works of Carl Fredrik Hill (1849-1911). The Herman Gotthardt Collection of Nordic modern 20th-century art is an important contribution to the understanding of the early production of Scandinavian modern art. Also in the museum´s holdings is a unique collection of Russian fin-de-siècle paintings, acquired at the famous Baltic Exhibition in Malmö in 1914.

The Museum has an extensive collection of furniture and handicraft, primarily from southern Sweden.

The permanent exhibition "From 1500 until Now" shows the historical development and the great variety in Sweden and north Europe of painting, sculpture and applied arts from the Renaissance through to Art Nouveau and up to the present day. It displays a selection of the finest artworks from the collection and interiors from the different periods of style.

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