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Ludwig Andreas Christian Tacke


Braunschweig, Old Town City Hall from southeast

Braunschweig, Hagenmarkt with Opera House from west

Braunschweig, Kohlmarkt from the west with houses »Zum Stern" and "Zur Rose"

Ludwig Tacke, also Louis Tacke, (December 6, 1823 in Braunschweig, † July 22, 1899) was a German architecture and history painter. Tacke visited the Brunswick Collegium Carolinum, where he studied landscape painting by Heinrich Brandes in the years 1838-1849. He continued the training from 1849 to 1853 at the Dusseldorf Art Academy in Munich and then continues with the history painter Carl Theodor von Piloty. He traveled to Bamberg, Nuremberg and Meissen and in the foothills of the Alps. In 1860 he returned to Brunswick.

Artist , Germany


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