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Louis Lang

Louis Lang Painting - Return Of The 69th Irish Regiment N.y.s.m. From The Seat Of War 1862 by Louis Lang

Return Of The 69th Irish Regiment N.y.s.m. From The Seat Of War 1862

Louis Lang Painting - St Mary's In The Highlands Garrison New York by Louis Lang

St Mary's In The Highlands Garrison New York

Louis Lang Painting - Afternoon In The Garden by Louis Lang

Afternoon In The Garden

 Painting - Women's Art Class by Louis Lang

Women's Art Class

Louis Lang (29 February 1812 – 6 May 1893) was a German-American painter.


He was born as Joseph Aloysius Lang in Waldsee, Duchy of Württemberg. His father, a historical painter, wished him to become a musician, but his taste was for art. At the age of 16, he executed pastels with success. He studied at Stuttgart and Paris, and settled in the United States in 1838, his studio being for several years in Philadelphia. He spent the years 1841 to1845 in Italy, and moved to New York City in 1845, where he resided, with frequent visits to Europe. He was elected a National Academician in 1852, and was a member of the Artists' Fund Society.


Lang's style was characterized by brilliant but well-balanced coloring. Among his works are:

“Maid of Saragossa”
“Mary Stuart distributing Gifts”
“Blind Nydia”
“Jephtha's Daughter”
“Neapolitan Fisher Family”
“Mary, Queen of Scots”
"Return of the 69th (Irish) Regiment"
“Asleep in Prayer” (1869)
“Little Graziosa among the Butterflies” (1871)
“Landing of the Market-Boat at Capri” (1876)
“Romeo and Juliet” (Century Club, New York)
“Portrait of a Little Child” (1885)

This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Wilson, James Grant; Fiske, John, eds. (1900). "Lang, Louis". Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography. New York: D. Appleton. This source reports his birth date as February 29, 1812.
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Artist, USA


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