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Louis Joseph Bahin (1813-1857) was an American painter in the Antebellum South.

Early life

Louis Joseph Bahin was born in 1813.[1]


He became a landscape painter and portraitist in the Antebellum South, especially in Natchez, Mississippi, and painted many members of the Southern aristocracy.[1] For example, he did a portrait of planter Levin R. Marshall and his son, George M. Marshall, which now hangs in the dining-room at Lansdowne, their family mansion.[2]

His work can also be found in public galleries and museums. For example, his painting, Natchez Under the Hill, is exhibited at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia.[3] Other paintings can be found at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson, Mississippi, and the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio.[4]


He died in 1857.[1]

Uyatt Crittenden Webb Family, Georgetown, Kentucky (circa 1835).[4]
Henry LeGrand Conner (1803-1848) (circa 1840s).[4]
Portrait of a Young Girl (circa 1840-50).[4]
Louis Joseph Bahin (1813-1857) (1847).[4]
Gustave Joseph Bahin (1841-1913) (circa 1848).[4]
Portrait of George M. Marshall, I (1848-1857).[4]
Young Lady in a French Kitchen (1852).[4]
Mrs Louis Joseph Bahin (1811-1861). (1852).[4]
Henry Clay (1852).[4]
Natchez Under the Hill (1852).[4]
Mary Savage Conner Blake (1827-1893) (circa 1852).[4]
Anna Frances Conner (1835-1852) (circa 1852).[4]
Joseph Dunbar Shields (1854).[4]
Young Man in the Bahin Family (1854).[4]
Mrs. Miles Harper (Samantha Ford) (1859).[4]
John Ford Harper (1859).[4]
Truman Holmes, Jr. (1864).[4]


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