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Lorenzo Quaglio the Younger (19 December 1793 – 15 March 1869) was a genre painter and lithographer, born in Munich to the long Italian pedigree of Quaglios.


Quaglio studied under his father Joseph Quaglio and his brother Angelo Quaglio. He then went on to study at the Akademie München. He spent a few years, until 1812, working as a decorator of the court and national theaters in Munich. He spent time traveling through the Bavarian and Tirolian Alps. In 1812 his first lithography appeared, a study of nature. In 1820 he made a study of Bavarian folk costume. After 1834 he worked in Schloss Hohenschwangau.[1]

He died in Munich and is buried in the southern cemetery.[1]


Quaglio created the following works:[1]

Im Dorf Kochel 1848
Bauernbursche, am Eibsee bey Garmisch 1830
Sennbube von der Hochalpe bey Garmisch 1830
Hüterbub mit Krax´n, bey Garmisch 1830
Die Alpe Hammersbach mit dem Waxenstein bey Garmisch 1830
Buckelwiesen in Krün bey Partenkirchen 1830
Alm am Eibsee bey Grainau 1831
Lermos in Tyrol 1837
Wirtin in Lermoos 1839
Auf dem Weg nach Mittenwald 1839
View of Frankfurt 1831 at Städel Gallery in Frankfurt

Campe wrote of him in 1833 the following:[1]
He possesses a great ability to draw; execution of his treatment is tender, fluid and uncommon. In his backgrounds and in the details, one recognizes the practiced painter of architecture, especially in the old German style. His compositions are true and perceptive; he knows how to portray the naive simpleness of domestic scenes with equal amounts of truth and feeling.

Er besitzt eine große Fertigkeit im Zeichnen; seine Behandlung ist zart, fleißig und ungemein ausgeführt. In seinen Hintergründen und in den Beiwerken erkennt man den geübten Architecturmaler, besonders im altdeutschen Styl. Seine Compositionen sind wahr und empfunden; er weiß die naive Einfalt häuslicher Scenen mit eben so viel Wahrheit als Gefühl darzustellen.


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