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Lorenzo Pasinelli

 Painting - The Annunciation by Lorenzo Pasinelli

The Annunciation

 Painting - The Penitent Mary Magdalen by Lorenzo Pasinelli

The Penitent Mary Magdalen

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Allegory of Eternity

Fainting Cornelia, wife of Pompey

The risen Christ visits his Mother accompanied by the Fathers of the Church

Hercules at the Crossroads

Christ's entry into Jerusalem

The Penitent Magdalen

The Penitent Magdalen

Diana in the bath with her nymphs

A Sybil inspired by a putto The Budrioli Sybil

Eritrean Sybil

Libyan Sibyl

St. Catherine


Roman Charity

St. Catherine of Alexandria

St. Cecilia


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The Penitent Magdalene Print by Lorenzo Pasinelli

The Penitent Magdalene

Lorenzo Pasinelli

Lorenzo Pasinelli (September 4, 1629 – March 4, 1700) was an Italian painter from Bologna of the Baroque period, who trained in the studio of Simone Cantarini.

Despite that training, his works have an air of Mannerism. He collaborated after 1648 with Flaminio Torre. He is known to have painted a Miracle of St. Anthony for the church of San Francesco (now found in San Petronio) He painted for the local Senatore Francesco Ghisilieri a Love disarmed by the nymphs of Diana, now found in the Pinacoteca BPER of Modena. Attributed to Pasinelli, in the same collection is an atypical, almost genre-like allegory of a Young Girl with an Open Cage. He painted a Holy Family and a Resurrection of the dead for the church of San Francesco in Bologna. He also painted Christ's Entry into Jerusalem for the former Certosa in Bologna.[1]

His pupils included Gian Antonio Burrini, Gioseffo dal Sole, Giovanni Pietro Zanotti, Giuseppe Maria Mazza, Antonio Lorenzini, and Donato Creti.


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