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Adoration of the Magi, Guido da Siena

The Lindenau-Museum is an art museum in Altenburg, Thuringia, Germany.

The museum originated as the house-museum of baron and collector Bernhard August von Lindenau. The building was completed in 1876.

Its main attraction is the collection of Italian paintings from the late Gothic and early Renaissance age (13th–15th centuries), among the largest outside Italy, which includes, among others, Filippo Lippi's St. Jerome in Penance, Sandro Botticelli's Portrait of Caterina Sforza and a predella panel by Fra Angelico. It also includes ancient antiquities and modern works, and a library.

The museum is a member of the Konferenz Nationaler Kultureinrichtungen, a union of more than twenty cultural institutions in the former East Germany.
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Jena, Klaus; Ingeborg Titz-Matuszak; Miklos Boskovits (1998). 150 anni del Lindenau-Museum Altenburg. ISBN 3-86104-032-8.

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