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Lars Hansen


Copy of Tizian´s Suzanne at her bath

 Painting - Swedish Peasant by Lars Hansen

Swedish Peasant

 Painting - The Art School In Gothenburg by Lars Hansen

The Art School In Gothenburg

 Painting - Young Woman by Lars Hansen

Young Woman

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Lars Hansen Art - Copy of Tizians Suzanne at her bath by Lars Hansen

Copy of Tizian's...

Lars Hansen

Lars Hansen (July 25, 1813 in Ronne on Bornholm - 10 August 1872) was a Danish portrait painter.

Lars Hansen was the son of a fisherman and sailor Hans Tobiassen. Despite his father's poor circumstances he went to Copenhagen to study Art. In Copenhagen and the provinces he painted in 1836-40 portraits, then went to Gothenburg, where he stayed for two years and then spent 20 years in Stockholm as a fairly well regarded portrait painter. His weakening eyesight forced him to abandon his art, he traveled to Copenhagen again, spent five years in Italy and died unmarried in his home.

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