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Kunsthalle , Mannheim

Horse in the forest , Gustave Courbet

Coal wagon, Jean Louis Théodore Géricault

Still Life with Roses and Sunflowers , Vincent Willem van Gogh

Execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, Edouard Manet

Street in Marly, Alfred Sisley

Neuburg Gates, Heidelberg, Wilhelm Trübner

The Kunsthalle Mannheim is a museum of modern and contemporary art, established in 1909 and located in Mannheim, Germany. The building designed by Hermann Billing was erected as a temporary structure to serve an "International Art Exhibition" of 1907, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the city. Originally meant to be torn down after this exhibition, the building was transformed into a municipal art gallery which since then housed the city's art collections as well as temporary exhibitions - and up to 1927 those of the local Mannheimer Kunstverein as well as its administration.


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