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Kaspar, or Kasparus Karsen


A View of Woudrichem

A View of Woudrichem

Kaspar, or Kasparus Karsen (April 2, 1810 in Amsterdam – July 24, 1896 in Biebrich near Wiesbaden, Germany) was a 19th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands who specialised in townscapes.


He was a pupil of Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate, Dirck Vettewinkel, and George Pieter Westenberg, who later taught Cornelis Springer 1835-1837 and worked in Haarlem 1842-1844.[1] He became a member of Arti et Amicitiae in 1836 and enjoyed making trips to Prague and Germany.[1] Besides Springer, his pupils were Johannes Frederik Hulk, his son, Eduard Karsen, Henricus Jacobus Levelt, Coen Metzelaar, Henry Mosselman, and Alexander Oltmans. [1]


The Amsterdam stock exchange before its demolition in 1837 (1836)
Een Winterdag-Windhaven (1870), Atelier Carmel Gallery
Ice Skaters on the Canal (1880), Atelier Carmel Gallery
View on the Hague, 17th Century (1852), 340x200cm, with Cornelis Springer


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