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Juan Martin Cabezalero


Assumption Of The Virgin

Assumption Of The Virgin

Scene From The Life Of St Francis

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 Juan Martin Cabezalero Art - Assumption of the Virgin by Juan Martin Cabezalero

Assumption of the...

Juan Martín Cabezalero (1633–1673) was a Spanish draftsman and painter. Born in Almadén, he studied under Juan Carreño de Miranda, court painter to Charles II of Spain; Cabezalero lived at Carreño de Miranda's house until 1666. Both he and Carreño were influenced by Van Dyck. Few works by Cabezalero have survived. His surviving works include his St Jerome (1666, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas) and the Assumption of the Virgin (ca. 1670; Madrid, Prado). The latter had been formerly attributed to Mateo Cerezo, also a pupil of Carreño de Miranda.
Antonio Palomino praises Cabezalero's modest, studious nature and laments that he died young.



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Jusepe de Ribera, 1591-1652, a full text exhibition catalog from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which includes material on Juan Martín Cabezalero (see index)

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