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Jose Moreno Carbonero


The Conversion of the Duke of Gandia

Prince Don Carlos Of Viana

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Featured Art - The Conversion of the Duke of Gandia by Jose Moreno Carbonero

The Conversion of...

Jose Moreno Carbonero

Jose Moreno Carbonero (28 March 1860 – 15 April 1942) was a Spanish painter.
Moreno Carbonero was born in the Perchel quarter of Málaga. In 1868 he joined the art school of his home town, where he was a student of José Denis Belgrano and Bernardo Ferrándiz. At the age of 12 he took part in an art competition in Málaga and won a gold medal. In the same year he sold his first picture named "La Posada de la Corona" for 1,000 Peseta. In 1874 he participated in the national art exhibition and won the silver medal, in 1876 in the same exhibition the bronze medal. Also in 1876 he was awarded a scholarship by Marià Fortuny for further studies in Rome. When he returned to Spain, he won the national exhibition in 1881 with his painting "El príncipe don Carlos de Viana" and in 1887 with "La Conversión del Duque de Gandía". In 1888 he painted "Entrada de Roger de Flor en Constantinopla". After 1892 he taught as professor of naturalistic drawing at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. In 1924 he was made Hijo Predilecto. Like Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor y Zaragoza he was a teacher of Salvador Dalí, and he taught also Juan Gris. Later on José Moreno Carbonero was taught by Salvador Dalí and the young Spanish.

After his death, his body was transferred to Málaga, where he is buried in the San Miguel cemetery. Since 1958 a monument in the Puerta Oscura gardens, created by Mariano Benlliure, has remembered of him, and a street in the historic center of Málaga is named in honor of him.[1] The collection of the Museo de Bellas Artes of Málaga includes more than 30 works of José Moreno Carbonero.[3] A museum in Berlin exhibited his work "Una aventura de Blas Gil".[4]


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