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John Gast (21 December 1842, Berlin, Prussia – 26 July 1896, Brooklyn. New York),[1] was a Prussian-born painter, printer and lithographer who lived and worked most of his life in Brooklyn, New York. He is most famous for painting American Progress, an allegory of Manifest Destiny that was widely disseminated in chromolithographic prints. Other than that, little is known about him.


Obituary in the Brooklyn Eagle July 27, 1896, p. 7, c. 2

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Entry in Goulding's New York City directory (1877), listing him as GAST JOHN, artist & lithographer, 39 Park pl. h B'klyn
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Essay on Spirit of the frontier by historian Martha A. Sandweiss of Amherst College Includes high resolution version of the painting

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Works by Gast from the Department of Drawings and Prints
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New approved method of zinc etching or photo-zinc-engraving (1886), by Gast

Beyond "American Progress": The Legacy of John Gast by Samantha Rothenberg

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