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Johannes Natus


Peasants Smoking and Making Music in an Inn

An Interior with Card Players and a Blacksmith

Johannes Natus was a Dutch painter who was active from 1658 to 1662.

He was one of the few painters of genre and landscape pictures.

Origin and career are not known. Is documented that he a member of the Guild of St. Luke in Middelburg was 1662nd There was also his field of activity with a high probability. He is known for his depictions peasant life, which are among the most beautiful pictures of this genre. His paintings are characterized by a lively light and shade effect. Particularly striking are the large-figure staffage figures in his landscapes that recall beyond to contemporary Italian art. This suggests that he was staying in Italy for a time.

One of his descendants is the writer, puppeteer and teacher Uwe Maria Natus, residing today in Lippstadt Germany.

Selected Works

Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
The Card Players. 1660
Berlin, Private Collection
Interior with smokers and drinkers. 1661
Whereabouts unknown
Fuming and Music peasants in an inn. 1662 (on 25 January 2001 auctioned at Christie's in New York)
Drinking and Smoking Company at a blackboard. (until at least 2004 Kunsthandel Johnny van Haeften, Londen)


January chalice: Dutch paintings from Berlin privately owned. Exhibition of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum Association and the Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche. Museums Preuss. Cultural Heritage, Berlin 1984, ISBN 3-88609-150-3


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