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John (Master of the Bible of Leon of 920)


Bible of Leon, Scene: Symbol of St. Lucas

The Bible of León of 920 also called Bible of Jean and Vimara or Biblia Sacra de León, is a manuscript of the Bible copied and illuminated in 920 in a monastery in the province of León. It is now preserved in the library of the Cathedral of León (Spain) (cod.6). This is one of the first manuscripts of the typical Spanish style of illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages.

The manuscript contains a colophon but is now illegible. A description of the manuscript dating back to the eighteenth century indicates that the book came from the Saint-Mary-Saint-Martin monastery. It could be an ancient monastery in Albares de la Ribera (es) in the municipality of Torre del Bierzo , west of the province of León. The Bible was written for the Abbot Maurus and executed by the copyist and illuminator Ioannes led by the monk Vimara 1,2


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