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Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst


Hellenica World, Paintings, Drawings

Frankfurt am Main, urban forest, Feast on Wäldchestag (Whit Tuesday)

Hellenica World, Paintings, Drawings

Kronberg im Taunus, Schoenberg, View from the southeast


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Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst (born April 4, 1825 in Frankfurt am Main; † August 7, 1904) was a German painter and draftsman. As a student of Jakob Becker and Moritz von Schwind, he studied since 1842 at the Städel Art Institute (Staedelschule). Study visits in 1852 in Paris and 1855 in Rome. In 1861 he accompanied the expedition artist Nordland expedition of George Berna and Carl Vogt. The resulting oil paintings here the coasts of Jan Mayen and Iceland are located in Frankfurt Historical Museum, as well as his most famous painting Wäldchestag. The 1863 published travelogue of polar trip he has illustrated. Since 1860, Heinrich Hasselhorst was a drawing teacher at the Städel School. He influenced in his teaching an entire generation Frankfurt painter. Among his students, among others belonged the Alpine and Arctic explorer Julius von Payer. Even he painted genre and crowd scenes as well as portraits and history paintings. Hasselhorst is buried at Frankfurt's main cemetery.

Artist , Germany


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