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Johann Friedrich Nagel


Potsdam, Schloss Caputh

Potsdam, Schloss Sanssouci Park (colonnade in Rehgarten)


Potsdam, Jagdschloss Stern


Potsdam, Alte Fahrt from the Long Bridge from

Potsdam, Packhof at the Alte Fahrt


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Johann Friedrich Nagel (born July 3, 1765 in Waldheim / Saxony, † May 3, 1825 in Meissen) was a Saxon painter. His works include, among other baroque landscape painting as well as depictions of palaces and gardens in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony.
Johann Friedrich Nagel trained as a landscape painter at the Art Academy in Dresden. He was sponsored by the Elector Friedrich August III. of Saxony and this enabled him to study trips to Italy. In the 80s of the 18th century Nagel worked in Prussia, where he carried out mainly contract work for King Friedrich Wilhelm II.

Artist, Germany


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