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Jean-Louis Laneuville

Portrait of Bertrand Barčre de Vieuzac

Portrait of Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles 

Portrait of Jules François Paré

Jean Mathieu Philibert Serurier (1742-1819)

Joseph Delaunay (1746-1794)

Pierre-François-Joseph Robert (1763-1826), Member of the Convention

Portrait of Louis Legendre (1756-1797)

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Portrait Of Pierre Robillard De Peronville Print by Jean-Louis Laneuville

Portrait Of Pierre Robillard De Peronville

Jean-Louis Laneuville

Jean-Louis Laneuville (1748–1826) was a French painter best known for his portraits during the French Revolution.

Laneuville was born in Paris, studied under his contemporary Jacques-Louis David, and exhibited at the Salon de la Jeunesse from 1783-1789. During the French Revolution (1789–95) he portrayed deputies to the Convention, including Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac (1792-3; Kunsthalle Bremen), Pierre-François-Joseph Robert and Joseph Delaunay (1793; Palace of Versailles) and Jules-François Paré (1795; Carnavalet Museum). In 1791 he was elected a judge of the Prix d'Encouragement, and in 1796 signed a petition defending the acquisition of looted artworks.

Laneuville's style was similar to that of David, with the subjects usually seated before monochromatic, neutral backgrounds.



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