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Jean-Baptiste Santerre

Jean Racine

A Kitchen Maid

Girl reading a letter by candlelight

Nicolas Boileau

Philippe II, Duke of Orléans

The Regent, Philippe Duc D'Orleans And His Mistress, Madeleine de la Vieuville, Madame de Parabere, as Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden

Portrait of Louise d'Orléans Adelaide, Abbess of Chelles (1698-1743)

Portrait of Maria Adelaide of Savoy (1685-1712)

Portrait of a Sculptor

Girl with a parrot


Young Woman Sleeping

Two Actresses

Susanna at the Bath

Portrait of a Young Lady with a Letter

Portrait of Jean Racine

Woman with Veil

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 - Young Woman Sleeping by Jean-Baptiste Santerre

Young Woman Sleeping

Jean-Baptiste Santerre

Jean-Baptiste Santerre (23 March 1658 – November 21, 1717), was a French painter.


Santerre was born at Magny-en-Vexin, near Pontoise. A pupil of Bon Boullogne, he began his painting career at a portraitist, with a notable work being a portrait of Marie Leszczyńska with the Maison de St Cyr in the background (now at the musée de Versailles). He won a major reputation thanks to his academies. His most notable work[1] is his Susanna Bathing (Louvre), the diploma work executed by him in 1704, when he was received into the Académie (though the version now in the Louvre seems to be a copy by Santerre of the original). Although his religious paintings lacked inspiration, the Susanna contributed to Santerre's fifty-year reputation as a painter of the erotic nude, in which field he was the forerunner to François Boucher (1730–1770) and Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806). The Susanna and his Portrait of a Lady in Venetian Costume (Louvre) give a good impression of Santerre's taste and of his elaborate, refined and careful method. He died at Paris.

Susanna Bathing

Philippe d'Orleans, regent, and Marie Madeleine de la Vieuville, Comtesse de Parabère (1693-1755)[clarification needed]

Jean Racine

Woman Pulling a Curtain, Paris, Galerie Eric Coatalem
Two Actresses, St Petersburg, Hermitage Museum
Susanna Bathing, Louvre
Portrait of a lady in Venetian costume, known as the Marquise de Moulins-Rochefort Louvre
Young woman writing a letter, Valenciennes, Musée des Beaux-Arts

Philippe d'Orléans and his official mistress Marie Madeleine de la Vieuville, comtesse de Parabère (as Adam and Eve)

Jean-Baptiste Santerre (1658–1717) (self-portrait), Versailles, Musée National du Château et des Trianons
Marie-Adelaide de Savoie, duchesse de Bourgogne (1685–1712), Versailles, Musée National du Château et des Trianons
Philippe d'Orleans, regent, et Marie Madeleine de la Vieuville, Comtesse de Parabère (1693–1755), Versailles, Musée National du Château et des Trianons
Saint Theresa in ecstasy, Versailles, Musée National du Château et des Trianons
The cook, Le Mans, Musée de Tessé
Portrait of Nicolas Boileau, Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon
Young smoker, Musée des beaux-arts de Chambéry
Mlle. Desmares
Jean Racine
Young Woman Wearing a Shawl
The comtesse de Bersac

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Full catalogue of his works - (French) Claude Lesné: Jean-Baptiste Santerre, 1651-1717, in the bulletin of the Société de l'histoire de l'art français, 1988.


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