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Jacopo da Valenza

 Painting - Portrait Of A Young Man Bust Length In A Red Cap by Jacopo da Valenza

Portrait Of A Young Man Bust Length In A Red Cap

 Painting - Madonna And Child by Jacopo da Valenza

Madonna And Child

 Painting - Christ At The Column by Attributed to Jacopo da Valenza

Christ At The Column

Jacopo da Valenza (... - ...) was an Italian painter documented between 1478 and 1509.


Little is known of the biography of this painter of probable Lombard origin, active in the last quarter of the fifteenth century and the first decade of the sixteenth century .

It is assumed that the training of Jacopo took place at the Vivarini family.


Currently two of his most important works are preserved in Vittorio Veneto, in their original locations: Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Sebastian and Anthony of Padua and Nicholas Trevisan (the employer) in the Cathedral of Ceneda, 1484, and Madonna and Child between St. Joseph, John the Baptist, Joachim and Anna in the church of San Giovanni Battista di Serravalle, 1502.

Some works are scattered in museums in Italy, such as the Madonna and Child to Salamon Gallery & C. in Milan, in Europe, such as the San Pietro Pala to Gemäldegalerie Berlin (originated in the church of San Pietro in Belluno), and the world, as Saint Jerome kept at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of other works by Jacopo da Valenza:

    altarpiece, the parish church of Porcen, Seren del Grappa
    Madonna and Child, Civic Museum Luigi Bailo, Treviso
    Madonna Adoring the Child, Museo Correr, Venice
    Cristo Salvator Mundi, Accademia Carrara, Bergamo
    Christ Blessing, Palazzo Pamphili, Rome
    Saints John the Baptist, Elizabeth and Zechariah, the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Tricarico


    Sergio Claut, An update for Jacopo da Valenza, in Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen, Bd. 41, 1999, pp. 47-54.

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