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Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Allegory of Peace and Abundance, detail, Hans von Aachen

Landscape with the brother Lucas, François Boucher

Still life with sugar bowl, Paul Cézanne

On the banks of the Marne, Paul Cézanne

Viaduct, Paul Cézanne

Road at the Montagne Sainte- Victoire, Paul Cézanne

Street in front of the mountain Sainte Victoire, Paul Cézanne

Annunciation, Cima da Conegliano

Self-portrait, Anthony van Dyck

The Battle, Johann Anton Eismann

Night in the harbor (sisters), Caspar David Friedrich

On the sailing ship , detail, Caspar David Friedrich

The Dreamer, Caspar David Friedrich

Memory of the Riesengebirge, Caspar David Friedrich

Memories of the Riesengebirge, Caspar David Friedrich

Moonrise by the Sea, Caspar David Friedrich

Mary and the Jesus Child in a Landscape, Giorgione

Walk in Arles, Vincent Willem van Gogh

Portrait of a young peasant girl, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

Madonna Benois, Leonardo da Vinci

Madonna Litta, Leonardo da Vinci

The Judgment of Paris, Anton Raphael Mengs

Perseus and Andromeda, Anton Raphael Mengs

Portrait of a man, Anton Raphael Mengs

Self-portrait, Anton Raphael Mengs

The poppy flowers field ( The haystack ), Claude Monet

Woman in the Garden, Claude Monet

Holy Family with John the Baptist, Jacopo Pontormo

Moses Striking Water from the Rock, Nicolas Poussin

Madonna Conestabile, Raphael

Woman with a Fan, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Danae, Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

Perseus and Andromeda, Peter Paul Rubens

Self-portrait, Christian Seybold

Adam and Eve, Hans Thoma

Holy Family with St. Elizabeth, Pellegrino Tibaldi

Maecenas Presenting the Liberal Arts to Emperor Augustus, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Penitent Mary Magdalene, Titian

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