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Herbert Badham (1899-1961) was an Australian realist painter.

Early life

Herbert Badham was born in 1899 in Watsons Bay, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.[1][2][3][4][5] He enlisted in the Australian Royal Navy in 1917 to serve in the First World War.[1] From 1925 to 1938, he studied painting at Ashton's Sydney Art School, where he was tutored by Julian Ashton, George Washington Lambert and Henry Gibbons.[1][2][3][5]


He was a realist painter, and focused on paintings scenes of everyday life.[6] His work was exhibited at the Society of Artists from 1927 to his death.[5] Later, in 1939, his first solo exhibition took place at the Grosvenor Gallery, Sydney.[1]

Badham taught painting at the East Sydney Technical School from 1938 to 1961.[1][4] Additionally, he published two books about Australian art.[1][3][5][7]

Currently, two of his paintings are exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.[8] Another painting is found at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in Ballarat.[4] Another painting is exhibited at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.[6]


He died in 1961.[2]
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Self-portrait (early 1920s).[9]
Travellers (1933).[1]
Breakfast piece (1936).[2]
The fairground, Sydney (1944).[6]
The vegetable shop (1950).[4]
Domesticity (1959).[10]


A study of Australian art (Sydney: Currawong Press, 1949).[5][7]
A Gallery of Australian Art (Sydney: Currawong Press, 1954).[5]


Bonhams: Herbert Badham (1899-1961) Travellers 1933
Herbert Badham: Breakfast piece, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Herbert Badham, Canadian War Museum
Henry Badham: The vegetable shop, Art Gallery of Ballarat
Cbus: Herbert Badham 1899–1961
The fairground, Sydney, 1944, Canadian War Museum
National Library of Australia: Herbert Badham
Art Gallery of New South Wales: Works by Herbert Badham
Henry Badham: Self-portrait, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Bonhams: Domesticity, 1959

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