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Henry William Banks Davis

 Painting - Studies Of A Welsh Cobb by Henry William Banks Davis

Studies Of A Welsh Cobb

 Painting - The Old Shepherd by Henry William Banks Davis

The Old Shepherd

Henry William Banks Davis RA (1833–1914) was a popular English landscape and animal painter, noted for his pastoral scenes, often populated with cattle and other farm animals.

Life and works

Henry William Banks Davis, The modern school of art, vol 2

He studied and exhibited at the Royal Academy, becoming an associate in 1873 and Royal Academician in 1877, and where he was awarded two silver medals.[1]

Early works were influenced by the Preraphaelites but he later evolved a more individual style and worked on a larger scale. He achieved popularity and his art commanded high prices during his lifetime.[2]

A Shady Spot on a Summers Day (Oil on canvas, 1878)

A Placid Morning on the Wye.
A Shady Spot on a Summers Day.
A Spring Morning, 1866.
An Orchard in Wales.
Approaching Night, 1899 (Tate Gallery).
Foxhounds in a Landscape.
Gathering the Flocks, Loch Maree, 1883.
Orchard with Sheep in Spring (in Wales).
Portrait of a Jack Russell Terrier (in Regency Interior).
Returning to the Fold, 1880 (Tate Gallery).
Studies of a Welsh Cobb.
Sunset over a Landscape.
Towards Evening in the Forest.
Wooded River Landscape with Cattle Watering.
Mother and Son.


Chisholm 1911.

Short biography (Christie's).


Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). "Davis, Henry William Banks". Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.
Further reading

Meynell, Wilfrid. The modern school of art, volume 2 pp. 71–76 (London, W.R. Howell, 1886-8).

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