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Henri Cassiers, born August 11, 1858 at Antwerp and died February 27, 1944 in Brussels was a Belgian illustrator and poster designer.


A trained architect, Henri Cassiers began painting at the Free Academy "The Turkey Leg" (on the Grand Place in Brussels) and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (Professor Henry Stacquet) and the academies of Brussels and Saint-Josse-ten-Node. Painter, watercolorist and gouachiste, lithographer and etcher, he is best known for its commercial posters, created for shipping companies and the seaside towns of the North Sea (Flanders and Zeeland) as that carried out in 1898 for Le Coq where he lived .

Cassiers has illustrated a number of books Jean d'Ardenne, including notes of a vagabond (1887) and several of its tour guides.

He married Césarine Popp, granddaughter Caroline Popp, the editor of the Journal of Bruges, with whom he had a daughter, Marguerite, who married the sculptor of Marnix Haveloose.

Family ties

Henri Cassiers is the brother of writer and literary critic Léon Dommartin (1839-1919), who also wrote under the pseudonym Jean d'Ardenne.
The son of Caroline Popp, Adolphe, had four daughters: Margaret (wife of Léon Dommartin) Césarine (wife of Henri Cassiers), Rosa (wife of sculptor Julien Van den Broeck), and the youngest, Flora, (who married Émile Masui).


Henri Cassiers worked for several newspapers from 1886 to 1893 (including Vlaamsche Patriot, The Globe illustrated The European Illustration) and illustrations for several books:

Cyril Buysse, Tales of the Netherlands, 1910
Notes of a vagabond Jean d'Ardenne, frontispiece of Félicien Rops, illustrations in the text by Henri Cassiers, Brussels: Kistemaekers 1887
Jean d'Ardenne, De Dunkerque Dombourg. Guide illustrated description of the coast of Flanders and the North Sea beaches, with 106 drawings from nature by Henri Cassiers, Brussels. Ad Mertens, 1888. 2nd ed. 1895
Jean d'Ardenne, the Giffre Valley, coll. "Guides Jean d'Ardenne," Brussels-Paris-Lille, cover designed by Henri Cassiers, J. E. Goossens 1895
The illustrated Globe - Journal of Family (Brussels), illustrations by Henri Cassiers - Vol. II., No. 26, March 27, 1887
The charm of Venice Camille Mauclair, The Art Edition H. Piazza, 1930
The Tendresses First of Émile Verhaeren, The Art Edition H. Piazza, 1942
The Charming Bruges Camille Mauclair, The Art Edition H. Piazza, 1943
The Flemish Émile Verhaeren In Northern Editions, Collection "The Literary Glories" 1927
The House of Holland Maurice Gauchez, The Art Edition H. Piazza, 1932


Coq sur Mer
Red Star Line / Antwerpen - New York, reprinted in The Masters of the Poster (1895-1900).
1899 Red Star Line / Antwerpen - Amerika.
American Line / Southampton / Cherbourg / New York.
American Line / Philadelphia / Queenstown / Liverpool.
1902 Red Star Line / Antwerpen - New York.
1910 Universal / and International Exposition / Brussels, 1910.
Pier boardwalk / Blankenberghe / (Belgium).
Railway / The Dutch State.
England via / Ostend / Dover / the new / Ship turbines / "Princess Elisabeth".
Elixir / De Kempenaar / Gezondheidslikeur / Jacques Neefs / 7, keizer straat. Antwerpen.


The poster in Belgium. 1880-1980, exhibition catalog, Paris, Poster Museum, 1980.
Anne Adriaens-Pannier, Henri Cassiers 1858-1944 [exhibition catalog, Antwerpen, Museum Vleeshuis 1 April to 12 June 1994; Katwijk, Katwijks Museum, 25 June-24 September 1994] - Antwerp: Pandora, 1994 (ISBN 90-5325-014-X)

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