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View of Subiaco

Gustaf Wilhelm Palm

Gustaf Wilhelm Palm (March 14, 1810 – September 20, 1890) was a Swedish landscape painter and professor.

Palm was born near Kristianstad in southern Sweden. From 1828 he studied painting at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm. Having finished his studies he travelled to Berlin in 1837 to receive treatment for an eye disease. He then traveled to Vienna, staying there for three years before moving to Italy in 1840. He lived for eleven years in Italy – mainly in Rome – where he associated with German and Scandinavian expatriate painters. Upon returning to Sweden in 1852 he was elected a member of the Royal Academy, where from 1859 he taught painting until he retired in 1880.

In 1856, Palm married Eva Sandberg – daughter of the painter and professor Johan Gustaf Sandberg. Palm's daughter Anna Palm de Rosa (1859–1924) was also an accomplished landscape painter.


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