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Goffredo Wals or Gottfried Wals or Goffredo Tedesco during his time in Italy (Cologne 1, 1595-1638) was a Baroque German landscaper painter


Very little is known about Goffredo Wals. was is probably born in Cologne. He lived in several Italian cities, including Naples, Rome and Genoa. He arrived in Rome around 1615. was is assistant of the painter Agostino Tassi, In 1617 Wals worked with the painter Massimo Stanzione . In 1620 Wals was Rome, as a student Le Lorrain. In 1623 he was Genoa .

Wals was influenced by Adam Elsheimer. Following his example, he executed the landscape paintings on copper , of great delicacy, in which "the warm tones of the Roman atmosphere are acutely observed, most likely through studies pattern. " This aspect of his work certainly influenced Claude Lorrain.


Walls of Rome, National Gallery, London
Landscape with Christ and St. John the Baptist (1638), tondo 29 cm, National Gallery of Scotland, Scotland
Pastoral Landscape with Figures, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University
Landscape Rest on the Flight into Egypt (1619), oil on copper, 24.5 cm x 34.6 cm, The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
Landscape with road near a house (circa 1620), tondo 23.5 cm, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; a second version of this tondo, slightly larger (24.5 cm) is in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge
House Installation "(around 1623), oil on copper, tondo 23.5 cm, Kunsthalle Bremen

notes and references

↑ Notice the Kimbell Art Museum
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↑ Catalog of the exhibition "Nature and Ideal, the landscape in Rome 1600-1650" p. 155

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