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Giuseppe Patania

Giuseppe Patania Painting - Young Woman In A Room by Giuseppe Patania

Young Woman In A Room

Giuseppe Patania (January 18, 1780 – February 23, 1852) was an Italian painter of the Neoclassical period. He painted portraits and historical subjects.

Roger of Sicily Receiving the Keys of Palermo.
Giuseppe Patania: Ratto d‘ Europa (1828-1829). Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Palermo)


He was born in Palermo, Sicily. He studied with Giuseppe Velasco and Vincenzo Riolo.[1] He is buried in San Domenico in Palermo, where his tomb states Selected the beautiful from Nature.[2] Among his pupils were Pietro Marchese di Castrogiovanni,[3] Giuseppe Bagnasco,[4] Francesco Sacco,[5] Giuseppe Carta,[6] Andrea D'Antoni and Pietro Volpes.


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