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Giuseppe Palizzi

Giuseppe Palizzi Painting - Donkeys by Giuseppe Palizzi


Giuseppe Palizzi Painting - Young Female Goat by Giuseppe Palizzi

Young Female Goat

 Painting - Child And Sheep In The Country by Giuseppe Palizzi

Child And Sheep In The Country

 Painting - Al Pascolo by Giuseppe Palizzi

Al Pascolo

Giuseppe Palizzi (Lanciano (Chieti), 1812 – Paris, 1888) was an Italian painter.


Giuseppe Palizzi moved to Naples in 1835 and enrolled at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts, where he came into contact with the painters of the Posillipo School, including Giacinto Gigante. He presented historical landscapes at the yearly shows, but strained relations with the academic world led him to leave Italy for Paris.[1] It was in 1844 that he settled at Paris and not long after at Bourron-Marlotte (Seine&Marne) on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau. This became the primary subject of his painting, which developed in the direction of painstaking realism through the influence of the Barbizon School, among other things. He kept in contact with his brother Filippo by letter and shared the results of his artistic explorations. He exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon and, after a short stay in Italy in 1854, returned to France, where he achieved great success with landscape paintings that often included the figures of humble labourers. He was made a member of the Legion of Honour in 1859 and received the Italian decoration of the Cross of the Knights of St Maurice and St Lazarus in 1862. He died in Paris in 1888.


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Artist, Italy


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