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Giuseppe Castiglione (1829–1908) was an Italian artist known for genre paintings and portraits.

Castiglione was born in Naples, Italy. He moved to Paris early in his career and is thought to have studied painting there. He started exhibiting his paintings in Paris and Turin.[1] He was a member of the Sociétaire des Artistes and was awarded honorable mention at the 1861 Salon exhibition.[1] He was awarded a medal at the Salon exhibition of 1869. At the Exposition Universelle of 1900, Castiglione was awarded a bronze medal.[1] He was decorated with the Légion d’honneur in 1893.[1]

He played chess.[2]
Castiglione's signature

These include:

Le Salon Carré, 1861, 69 x 103 cm, Louvre museum, Paris[3][4]
Visiting the Cardinal Uncle, Philadelphia Exposition, 1876, medal
The Warrants, 1876
The Terrace of the Palace Royal at Naples, Paris, 1877
A Duel Without Witnesses, Paris, 1877
Portrait of Pandolfini of the Theater des Italians, 1878
Lesson to the Paroquet, 1878
A View of Haddon Hall, England, Invaded by Soldiers of Cromwell, Paris Exposition 1878
The Introduction
On the River at Dusk[5]

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